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  • without coated single flute with coolant Gun drill

    without coated single flute with coolant Gun drill

    Single-edged gun drill (hereinafter referred to as gun drill) is used to process deep holes with a diameter of Φ1~40mm and a length-to-diameter ratio of 100~250 times. It is currently the only method for processing small diameter deep holes with a diameter of Φ1~6mm. The accuracy of machining holes can be stabilized at IT 8~10, and individual ones can reach IT6~7; the surface roughness can be stabilized at Ra12.5~3.2μm (▽3~▽5), and individual ones can reach Ra0.8~ 0.4μm (▽7~▽8), the straightness of the hole can reach 0.05mm/m. Gun drills have a wide range of applications. In addition to processing ordinary steel materials and castings, they can also process soft metals, alloy steels, stainless steels, and heat-resistant steels.
  • Imported gun bit and tool rod tungsten carbide gundrill tool

    Imported gun bit and tool rod tungsten carbide gundrill tool

    Gun drills are straight fluted drills which allow cutting fluid to be injected through the drill's hollow body to the cutting face. They are used for deep drilling—a depth-to-diameter ratio of 300:1 or more is possible. Gun barrels are the obvious example; hence the name. Other uses include moldmaking, diemaking, and the manufacture of woodwindmusical instruments, such as uilleann pipes, as gun drills can drill long straight holes in metal, wood, and some plastics. The coolant provides lubrication and cooling to the cutting edges and removes the swarf or chips from the hole. Modern gun drills use carbide tips to prolong life and reduce total cost when compared with metal tips.
  • Single flute With coolant Gundrill

    Single flute With coolant Gundrill

    gun drill use on metal cutting industries including automotive, aircraft and aerospace, construction, medical, mold and tool and die, hydraulics, pneumatics, and more.
  • Brazed Gun Drills

    Brazed Gun Drills

    Gun drill is a specialized cutting tool used in gun drilling machine. Drillstar ’s brazed  single flute gun drills have following properties: Diameter range: 3 – 40mm Overall length:  5000mm (maximum) Single fluted type is the most common type. And the most widely used. Contains one-piece carbide drill bit and steel drill bit with carbide inserts. The tube and shank are made of steel material. And through heat treatment. The three parts are brazed to be a complete tool. Drillstar sells gun dr...
  • Indexable Gun Drills

    Indexable Gun Drills

    Indexable Gun Drills These drills are offered in any diameter from 11.52mm to 50mm. Only 5 insert sizes cover entire range. Inserts are direct fit and require no adjustment to produce on size bores. The drills utilize screwed in guide pads Coated pads are also avaible. ADVANTAGES Versatility for use on lathe, machining centers and deep hole machines. High effieciency by specifically developed cutting edge geometry for diea chip formation Shortens downtime resulting from quick exchange of...
  • Gun drill grinder

    Gun drill grinder

    Product Description GD-600 Standard gun drill sharpening machine adopt precision rolling track, high-speed motor. The motion is smooth and the friction is small. Grinder can rotate in horizontal and vertical plane. Widely applicable to machine tools with sharpening Fixture can be accurate and effective grinding a variety of gun drill.50Q Gun Drills Gun Drill Sharpening Fixture is specialized used in dedicated tooling the compact structure, of setup is reasonable and convenient, adjustment is ...
  • Solid Carbide Gun Drills

    Solid Carbide Gun Drills

    The Solid Carbide Gun Drills DIAMETERS FROM .0393″ (1.0 MM) TO .4375″ (11.1 MM) LENGTHS OF CUT FROM 5″ (127 MM) – 14.17″ (360MM) Solid Carbide drills are manufactured as a single piece of carbide. The tip and tube is a single piece product which eliminates the braze joint at the head and tube transition. Thus resulting in an extremely strong, ridged tool. Most small diameter drills significantly benefit from solid carbide drills because they yield the maximum allowabl...
  • Gun Drill bush and guide

    Gun Drill bush and guide

    Chip Box Flexible plastic bushings stretch over carbide gun drill tip and contract over steel tube to stop drill whipping and vibration. Contoured hole in forms perfect seal on gun drill.
  • Step Indexable Gun Drills

    Step Indexable Gun Drills

    Step and Pilot Tools may be incorporated in an application to eliminate two-three subsequent operations in a single hole. The use of a step tool dramatically reduces cycle time, scrap, and eccentricity between diameters. STEP GUNDRILLS Step drills have manufacturing limitations depending on extreme diameter ranges in the steps. Special carbide developing may sometimes be necessary due to the coolant hole location. Additionally, chip breakers may be required due to a lack of an inside angle wh...
  • Problem And Solving

    Problem And Solving

    Problem reasons Hole degree of deviation is very bad. Workpiece not positioned or fixed well. Drill guide is not suitable, big space between the drill guide and gun drill、 No good support for the gun drill shank. Workpiece structure is not good, such as workpiece wall thickness is too big, and material issue such as not even. Hole roughness too bad Main spindle rotating speed, feeding rate is too slow. Cutting oil not suitable;Pressure low, fow low, oil temperature is too ...
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